ideas in action
by: dgehring

Rich digital media applications have an avalanche of content to contend with.  At the same time, before building a digital app or content focused website you need to know how you plan to segment and sort the content.  This is the heart of any digital content offering. If you provide too little content, your offering will be shallow and useless.  If you provide too much content and no intuitive means for serving it up or navigating it, then your offering will be overwhelming and quickly discarded.

Where’s the balance?

by: dgehring

Over on TechCrunch, Ashkan Karbasfrooshan of WatchMojo posted a very interesting perspective on how to make money with online video.  Essentially, he breaks down the online video market into component parts in a graph that does a better job that any I’ve seen so far.  It’s safe to assume this graph will continue to evolve as the industry continues to mature at a rapid rate.  But it’s also safe to say, the spoils will go to the content producers.

by: afinlayson

With all the attention on hyperlocal websites, just what defines “hyperlocal”?

There are quite a few sites that occupy this space running the spectrum from sites created for and run by the public to those that are staffed by professional full time journalists…and a growing number that merge those two concepts in various ways.