SmithGeiger delivers unparalleled research and insights that build audiences, inspire consumers, and evolve brands.

what we do

build audiences & inspire consumers

Through qualitative and quantitative insights and strategic consulting, we build audiences, brands, and consumer bases. We identify who your current and prospective users are, provide universe estimates, and detail the best ways to reach them across all screens and platforms.

We tell you what they are thinking and doing, and when, where, why, and on what platform or screen they are doing it.

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optimize digital

Our digital optimization teams measurably increase brand awareness, engagement, ratings, and revenues. All screens. All platforms. All social media networks.

Our services range from ½ and full day workshops to monthly consulting engagements. The recommendations and best practices our teams deliver offer tactical and practical strategies to drive success through content development, distribution, and discovery.

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drive revenue

The digital landscape continues to evolve at an almost exponential pace. Opportunities to generate new revenue have never been greater or more complex.

SmithGeiger reimagines ways to leverage the content and connections you already have. We assess ad effectiveness and deliver recommendations to optimize content, platform and positioning. We evaluate brand awareness, lift, engagement, and intent-to-purchase which empowers our partners to quantify success and increase ad buys.

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develop content

By screen and across social networks, we deliver the research and provide strategies to develop and distribute the most effective and compelling content. Platforms include on-air, digital, print and radio.Strategies address device, time of day, and how to best choreograph content across all screens and social media networks.

We drive significant increases in downloads and subscriptions, time on site/apps and other engagement factors. We meet your objectives through research and a multi-layered “enrichment” process and plan that we call 5x5, which focuses our partners’ teams on the content that has the greatest revenue potential.

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Elevate ads

Partners using our Elevate program saw $20M in new revenues last year. SmithGeiger knows research, and our Elevate team excels at promoting it and training your sales teams to thrive selling it.

We train your sales reps on everything they need to know to upsell our research services to your advertisers. We provide 1-sheets, scripts, case studies, workbooks and best practices, and we even go into the field and pitch and sell with your team. 

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transform challenge into opportunity

Every day, Americans spend close to 11 hours in front of a screen. We set the bar for understanding how they apportion that screen time, why and when they do, and how you can earn a larger share of it.

We have had a seat at the table for every major digital transition over the past quarter century - all screens, all platforms, all social networks, and all day parts.

Based on learnings from over 4,000 custom research projects, our insights of local and national media consumption are unmatched.

we know your audience

We know the perceptions, motivations and behaviors of consumers from Gen X to Gen Z, from millennials, moms, and minorities to boomers and beyond.

We know the screens they use,  publications they read, ads they click, people they influence, the ones they “follow”, social networks they love, brands they know, and the “why” behind what they do and think.

Our insights guide the development of our partners’ content, ads, products, broadcasts, programs, and services. We drive their success with data, not hunches and hopes.

know what's coming

We move at the speed of digital and ensure you do too.

Our view is that “anticipate, lead and leverage” is a more profitable strategy than “defend and follow.”

what differentiates usspeed. precision. innovation.

Others consider data an endpoint. For us, it’s just the beginning . We build on the data and deliver actionable recommendations. Our insights shape success for the most celebrated brands across the globe. (read more).

read our perspectives evolve. disrupt. thrive.

The media landscape continues to evolve at an almost exponential rate. Read what our thought leaders have to say about everything from breaking news and weather, to digital innovation, VR, and new revenue opportunities

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we keep great company